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Star Trac protection system provides peace of mind in knowing that your car and its occupants are safe and secure. The real-time data on vehicle location and status allows you to track and monitor your vehicle’s exact position around the clock from your phone or computer. Our vehicle tracking software automatically identifies any unusual pattern with your vehicle alerting you to movements considered “out of the ordinary”. Should your vehicle be stolen, Star Trac tracking technology will aid in the stolen vehicle recovery. Our vehicle monitoring systems are so advanced that they can detect when your car has been in a collision, identify your location and the probable vehicle, to our customer service operatives who will call to assess the situation and, if necessary, alert emergency services to your whereabouts and needs.
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General Vehicle Tracking Costs – GPS Tracking – GS Vehicle Tracking
Our world some may say, has been taken over by technology just a little too much, as everyone knows, the more technology (especially in the vehicle tracker, fleet tracking, gps vehicle tracking industry) available the costs involved always drops day by day, but fuel on the other hand always rises, the longer you are running a fleet of vehicles the more sense it makes to invest in a vehicle tracking system. Adding a tracker or trackers to your fleet allows you to monitor all of your valuable vehicles usages at all times, accurate locations are found with just a search done within a few minutes. This type of service does not only track stolen vehicles and goods but also lets you monitor your workforce and their use of your businesses vehicles, scheduling of deliveries or any types of call outs more efficiently and reducing fuel costs through better route planning and influence over driver behaviour. While the obvious convenience of a vehicle tracker system is a great benefit, we at Star Trac Africa know very well that the main reason for installing a tracking system is to save money. The right system for your business and in your personal life is therefore the most cost effective one that gives you all the functionality and support you need. When it comes to vehicle tracking in particular costs are always a hot topic, comparing vehicle tracking prices are tricky – most tracking companies quote on an individual basis. This is of a great benefit to you, this means you are in a good understanding to negotiate a better deal than the offer first presented to you, the other side of this is that comparing what is on offer is a little trickier. The Price guide in this article takes you through all the most readily available pricing options and various charges; you could make a sound decision to benefit you and your business greatly.

Anti-Theft Vehicle Tracking

When we talk about basic types of trackers in the industry, we talk about trackers only designed for the use in the event of vehicle theft. This type of tracker device is then activated and relays information via VHF (high-frequency radiowavers) or GPS (microwaves) to a tracking service. As a result you will have the vehicles location so that the vehicle could be recovered, on the more sophisticated types of devices you would get devices that use both GPS and VHF to avoid “jamming”. These types of devices do not connect to the car battery so they are very hard to disable. But this also means they can’t effectively be used for live tracking.

GPS Fleet Tracking Systems

Now these systems offer the tracking for a company’s vehicle fleet – possibilities include the convenience of being able to track/monitor your staff via a web based portal that can be viewed via any smart phone. These GPS Fleet Tracking Systems relay copious amounts of data and provides these features:

You could check data that includes the vehicle or many vehicles location, speed or idling status in real time. What you should remember is that some tracking companies describe themselves as offering live tracking but you only get to view relay data every 5 or 10 minutes and charge extra for real time location fixes.

One of the most important features is the historical reports available, these reports offer information of every journey and can be accessed and investigated whenever needed.

Alerts are another useful feature, various alerts may be setup to know when a driver or drivers of your fleet reach their destination, as well as cost saving alerts where a vehicle is used out of hours or are exceeding speed limits in order to prevent any traffic fines.

As your driver goes about on his/her daily workload for the day, so called “Geo-fences” can be set up so that you are immediately alerted whenever a vehicle enters or leaves a previously defined area.

GPS fleet tracking systems are charged on a subscription basis depending on the number of vehicles you want to include. Extra charges might be included for adding or removing tracking units, this is what you should look for cautiously when gathering quotes, and additionally you may have to pay a refundable deposit for the installation of the tracking device.

Fleet Management Systems

When it comes to these types of systems, a wider range of tools are available to the user, these types of tools incorporates GPS vehicle tracking and also adds additional features such as: Integrated satellite navigation and route planning. Integration with tachographs or vehicle weighing devices so you get all your data from one place. Comprehensive reports on fuel efficiency, driver safety etc so you can do away with costly or unproductive behaviour. Individual driver IDs for when your drivers share a pool of vehicles. Vehicle maintenance scheduling to prolong vehicle life and reduce paperwork. Reports on carbon consumption for enhancing green credentials. Reports fleet tracking

Tips for Comparing Vehicle Tracking Costs

When searching for quotes across the vehicle tracking industry, you have to make sure that the contract has the entire extra’s you will be changed for using. Different vehicle tracking companies use different pricing structures, so it is suggested to take some time out and put all of the prices in the same format (e.g. price per vehicle per month) for easy comparison.

As you can see there are clearly many opportunities with a vehicle tracking system for large savings for you and your business, just be sure to be careful in your choice of provider, good deals might be great but would it be worth while in the long run?

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Vehicle Tracking System, Fleet Tracking

A motor vehicle tracking system includes the installation of an electronic unit inside a vehicle or perhaps a fleet associated with vehicles, along with purpose-designed computer software. The owner as well as a third party has access in order to observe the actual vehicle’s position, and gathering data in the process.

Vehicle tracking devices are typically powered by means of electrical power similar to alkaline or even lithium ion battery power; you may also hard-wire them to the vehicle in order to direct power. A cigarette lighter adapter is one of the options available which may be used with almost all types.

You are able to acquire tracking system information straight to any laptop computer as well as a desktop computer by way of USB or even transfer over a cell phone network, it all depends on if the tracking unit is really a passive or perhaps real-time tracking process.

What is Real-Time tracking?

For consumers who need to keep track of a car or truck, real-time tracking systems may be the only solution. Log on to a secured website, enter your user identification details as well as a security password, after which you will then have access to the actual tracking feature to track your unit exactly where the vehicle is, from the comfort of your home or office. This would obviously offer you a piece of mind that your vehicle may be tracked to where it is located at any time, your vehicle would be in the safe hands of your tracking company.

All vehicle tracking data is easily accessed as mentioned and recorded to highly secure servers for archival reasons and for your convenience.

The High Importance Of A Vehicle Tracking System

When you purchased your first vehicle, as we all have, we all have heard of a system called vehicle tracking, this sort of system enhances the security of your vehicle, whatever type that may be greatly.

Vehicle tracking systems all over the world use a device that is carefully installed expertly into any type of car, truck, and boat etc., the obvious reason for installing a vehicle tracker is to assist in the retrieval of a vehicle, whether it may be lost or stolen by any means. This sort of function is the most important aspect of tracking software, this software helps you track your vehicle at any time for your convenience, and the applications of this software are great and could be customizable to solve any vehicle tracking issues that you may have. Besides the obvious benefits, there are many other additional benefits.

Tracking a vehicle using a quality tracking device, you could save yourself sufficient time in case of vehicle theft by reporting the theft to the police or tracking company to minimise any possible damage done to the vehicle by a would be thief, and all of this is possible because a vehicle tracker system was installed.

Once you really need the system is when you realise the true value of having the system installed, many people when they come to this realisation, they fit one of the vehicle tracker systems to every farm, building or leisure vehicle they own, so it could be easily discovered in case of theft.