With the high crime in South Africa vehicles are being stolen at an alarming rate. This takes many forms from Hijacking to violent assault. Unfortunately vehicles often vanish without a trace leaving the owners in a tough financial predicament. Added to this more often than not, drivers when not watched continually abuse the system. WE CAN PUT A STOP TO THIS.

When it comes to your fleet Star Trac Vehicle Tracking has the solution for all your needs. The State of the Art GSM / GPRS tracking system uses a military grade high end Satellite receiver to give accurate positions up to 5 meters while out and about 24/7. When combined with our multiple management options we give you back control and allow you to maximize your fleet utilization as well as reduce fleet costs.

The Star Trac unit has one of the most advanced mobile Apps in the market. Giving you finger tip control of vehicle monitoring and management, it allows you to be in full control, be it monitoring a trucks movements or its loads. Star Trac also offer an advanced control center available 24/7 to assist in recovery and emergency situations. Once you have set up the correct alerts for your needs you can sit back and relax knowing you will be notified by a push notification in the event of a problem.

Clients also have the ability to set up no go zones or border alerts to monitor movements. However should you want to go cross border with our intelligent roaming options we got you covered.

Our online reports give you the ability to monitor and access information on vehicles for up to 12 months. Be it a Work Hours or History reports we offer a host of information. Reports can also be set to automatically download to email, in both PDF and CSV files. This comes in handy when loaning your vehicle to family of friends or even running of personal and work trips for tax reasons.

Pricing Options

Affordability often plays a part in the protection people and companies choose. Star Trac offers both cash and rental options to qualified buyers.
Speak to us to find a package to suit your needs.

Fleet Purchase 1 Purchase 2 Rental*
Unit Installation R1699.00 R700.00
Monthly Fee R159.00 R179.00 R199.50
Waterproof External Case R200.00 R200.00 R15.00
Contact Period 12 36 36
Fleet Plus Purchase 1 Purchase 2 Rental*
Unit Installation R3000.00 R1999.00
Monthly Fee R199.50 R249.00 R299.50
Optional Extras
Driver ID R400.00 R400.00 R26.00
Immobiliser Connection R400.00 R400.00 R26.00
Waterproof External Case R200.00 R200.00 R15.00
Contract period 12 36 36

*Rental units are subject to the signing of a 36 month contract. All hardware and product licenses remains the property of Star Trac Vehicle Tracking.

Star Trac Features Fleet Fleet Plus
GPS Vehicle Tracking via GPS
Street Level Tracking in Real Time
Recovery Country Wide
International Roaming (optional)
Theft Alert
Engine Cut
Main Power Low Alert
Emergancy Alert
Accident Detection
Tow Detection via GPS
Daily Live Status Update
Programmable Events Report
Speed Alerts
Mileage Monitoring
Driver ID
5 Digital Inputs
2 Analogue Inputs
Harsh Breaking
Bluetooth Connection
Internet Tracking
Cell Phone Tracking